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Swings & Roundabouts

Here are the criteria we expect from our team, so you may appreciate the high standard of demonstrations we provide.  It will also guide aspiring performers what is expected of them should they wish to audition for the group.

The performance group is chosen by Natasha & Craig. The group represents Swing in the Isle at events where a performance is requested and/or paid for. As such, they need to demonstrate a number of qualities:

  • An ability to dance on time without assistance and keep to time with any style of Swing music;

  • Able to demonstrate they are confident on their own to commence dancing at the appropriate starting point in the music;

  • Regular attendance at class with an aptitude for learning the most advanced moves quickly and competently;

  • Poise, performance and panache when dancing the routines together with accuracy and style, no freestyling is allowed during performances, (but of course positively encouraged during social dancing!);

  • An ability to learn routines with minimum input from Natasha & Craig, practising routines and new moves at home and whenever possible at social events;

  • The ability to both lead and follow the routines;

  • Attendance at periodic rehearsal sessions after classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays;

  • In case of absence, illness or injury of other members of the performance group, members must be confident to perform the routines solo or as a solo couple.

Any member of Swing in the Isle may ask for an audition to join the performance group or be recommended by an existing member of the Group (with their knowledge and consent of course!), the outcome being determined by Craig & Natasha.

The performance group may be introduced by and commented upon throughout the performance by an ‘M.C.’ giving background and context as well as a description of each dance.

(this role also allows for breathing/recovery space for dancers)

M.C’s, as well as having public speaking attributes, are expected to be able to ‘talk the walk’ and ‘walk the walk,’

(but not necessarily dance to the same high standard as a Performance Group member)

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