The Shim Sham.

The Shim Sham is the classic swing dance solo routine danced around the world by all swing dance groups.  We frequently teach steps and practice the routine together in class.  We also regularly dance the routine at outside events.

The Shim Sham was devised by Frankie Manning one of the inventors of Swing dance.  It is based on a tap routine he devised.  There are many versions to find on YouTube and variations that can be added once you have learnt the basic moves.

Swing in the Isle at Arragon Mooar.

In this video you can watch members of Swing in the Isle doing the Shim Sham at a fundraiser for The Teapot Trust IoM at Arragon Mooar.

Shim Sham 1 Drag Step.

During the lockdown of 2020 I recorded these videos to help myself and others to learn the Shim Sham step by step. I hope you enjoy practising and learning the moves too.

It will give you an idea of the level of detail you’ll receive as a member of Swing in the Isle.

The slow music I use is ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ by The Beach Boys.

Shim Sham 2 the Full Break.

Shim Sham 3 The Pushes.

Shim Sham 4 Stomp Off and Tackie Annies.

Shim Sham 5 The Full Break and Half Break Combination.

Shim Sham Lesson 6.

In this video we learn how the second chorus is a repeat of the first with one variation.

Shim Sham Lesson 7. The Boogie Back and Boogie Forward.

Shim Sham 8. The Shortie George and Full Routine.

Shim Sham for Chazz Young.

It is a tradition in Swing Dance to dance the Shim Sham in honour of one of the many dancers involved with the invention and teaching of Swing Dance.  In this video the Shim Sham is danced by a large group, led by professional dancers at the 2017 Snowball in Sweden.

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